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Here are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken from ballparks around the country.

For the record, my favorite major league park is PNC Park in Pittsburgh and the best minor league is Fifth Third Field in Toledo.  Click on the photos to enlarge.



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Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants in winning their first World Series. They made the Texas Rangers look like the Seattle Mariners. It was great fun watching the Giants pitchers dominate.

I do have one big complaint aimed at no one. It has now been eight years since baseball has played a seven-game World Series. This is the longest streak without a deciding game since 1913-1924 (11 years). Of course, this may not be comparable as the 1919-1921 World Series were a best-of-nine competition.

I do like the fact that the National and American league has traded the title back and forth since 2005, but where has the drama gone? When will baseball fans have two evenly matched teams in the fall classic? We continue to wait.

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I was fortunate enough to make it to two Twin Cities games this weekend. The first was the St. Paul Saints at Midway Stadium and the second was the Mariners/Twins game at Target Field. Both games were sold out and had standing-room only seats available, which is what I got.

A word to the wise: if you’d like to actually watch the Saints game, don’t bother with the standing room tickets. My three friends and I had a difficult time finding a place where we could see the entire field. Most of the time we couldn’t see home plate.

As for the Twins game, I found a spot a few feet from the left-field foul pole, in foul territory. There are plenty of spots to enjoy the game, but arriving early and securing a place is wise.

I may have witnessed one of the greatest pitched games I’ve ever seen. I’m sure it really helped the Twins were playing the Seattle Mariners, but it was impressive none the less.

Francisco Liriano pitched seven innings, gave up two hits, two walks and struck out 11. Then Jon Rauch took over for an inning and struck out another two. Matt Guerrier closed out the 4-0 win with another two strikeouts, giving the Twins 15 for the game.

A fan next to me pointed out late in the game that Denard Span had not fielded a single ball. I thought about it and realized left fielder Delmon Young hadn’t either. I checked my scorebook to find there was not one outfield putout the entire game. In fact, the two hits the Mariners did have were doubles to right fielder Jason Repko, but that’s it. Two balls made it out of the infield!

The Twins are looking great and I hope they can continue in St. Petersburg against a nasty Rays squad.

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